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What's normal now, anyhow?

Everything in the world is relative. Newton's frame of reference right? To you the car infront of you is moving but to the car, you are moving and it is stationary.

So is athletics.

What is good somewhere is average some place else.

I'll give a little example; My colleague at FIH, who is training for an Iron distance triathlon next month was putting in his usual mileage. So last week, from Monday to Saturday he swam 9k, biked 206 and ran 65k.
On Sunday, he did a Half Ironman.

Now, he calls himself an "average biker and swimmer" (actually he was much more harsh about his skill set but because I really admire him, I upgraded him to some nicer words).

And on a tough course, he did 4:57 Half IM (which is far from his PB) including 1:29 run and he said to me "My legs felt heavy because of all that training".

And best of all, he went for a 21k recovery run the next day.

Now 4:57 is not shabby by a country mile. Infact, the list of Indians who have done a Half Ironman tha…

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