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You're not special.

Warning: Watching or listening to David Goggins gets me all fired up. And a podcast with him came out yesterday, so I am pretty fired up right now, so reader discretion is advised.

Right. After David's podcast yesterday with Joe Rogan (here), I realised something. Well, it hit the final nail in the coffin for something I had been thinking for a long time.

I work hard, I train in inhumane conditions and when I was passionate about the job I was doing, I went above and beyond. And then I write about things to motivate people to get out there and ignore warning lights and be a little different.
My most sarcastic writing bits are about people, who are trying to be something they are not, or are lying on social media. But why am I so mean to them? Is it because something I fear i'll become?

Since I was a child, I never had the desire to fit in. I always wanted to be famous, I used to dream that one day I would go to the Olympics and carry the Indian flag on my shoulder. I used to t…

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